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February 10, 2022School of Hard SocksWITH LYCRA WASHED AND DRYED 9 1/2″ WITHOUT LYCRA WASHED AND DRYED 9″ WITH LYCRA UNWASHED 11″ WITHOUT LYCRA UNWASHED 11 1/2″ NO LYCRA IN THESE SOCKS: TOP SOCK: WASHED AND DRYED 9″ , MIDDLE SOCK: WASHED AND LAYED FLAT TO DRY 10″ , BOTTOM SOCK: UNWASHED 11″ TOP SOCK WITHOUT LYCRA 11 1/2″, BOTTOM SOCK WITH LYCRA 11″ For this study, I made 5 socks. The rainbow stripe socks have lycra. The green socks do not. The sock pattern for all socks is: 20 rows, hang hem. 2 rows. +5 decrease -4 increase heel. 65 rows. Toe. 60 cylinder. I used the same tension as I do for the Aktiv wool sock yarn. Yarn content is: 39% wool, 41% cotton, 13% nylon, 7% polyester. None of the socks are blocked as I steam block and I did not want the steam to affect the size of the sock. My foot is a size 8 1/2 wide or size 39 in Birkenstock. Both of the washed and dryed socks fit and feel good on my foot. The one with lycra (rainbow stripe) will hold its shape better while wearing all day. Like this:Like Loading... [...] Read more...

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