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Ribbed vs. Mock Ribbed

Ribbed vs. Mock Ribbed 1

Oh my gosh, I just had to share this with you….those are Joyce’s legs in the picture. And her long underwear with her jeans hiked up showing me the socks she was wearing yesterday. She made them 7 years ago!!! You see, when Joyce first came to the shop, she came to learn how to use the sock machine. So, being the opportunist that I am, since she didn’t know anything about anything, I decided she would make a ribbed sock and I would video it. I mean seriously, I told her to open the latch on a ribber needle and she asked, “what’s a latch?” So, I held the video camera and taught her how to make a sock at the same time. The video was AWFUL, but the information it contained was invaluable. Anyway, she thought she was pretty much a hotshot after that first pair and sat next to me and tried to do it again (without my help)….well, you know how that went. She quit the ribber and asked two of our friends if she could be in their nonribber club. I showed her how to make mock rib socks and she declared this to be the only style of sock she would ever make. Thus ensued a major discussion of ribbed vs mock ribbed socks. (For those of you that know Joyce, you probably think I am making this up. She doesn’t have a lot of words, but when she gets on a roll, you can’t shut the woman up!) I forced her to make a ribbed sock and a mock ribbed sock then wear them and decide which one she liked best. Can you imagine my laughter when, 7 years later, she shows up wearing this very pair of socks? She says that they are some of her favorites and she wears them all the time!!! I am still laughing today! So, I asked her, which do you prefer? She said, “Honestly, I can’t tell the difference!”

So, which do you prefer??