Shipping and Returns Policy

There are a bunch of legal terms that I am supposed to write here, but I am not a lawyer. I am going to ship things to you as soon as I can possibly ship them. If there’s some sort of delay, I will tell you. Also, I am going to pack them myself and ship them to you in the least expensive way possible. If the website has charged you an outlandish amount for shipping, don’t panic! I will refund the additional costs!

Returns are just as easy. If you don’t like what I have sold to you, send it back. I would be nice if you told me you were sending it back and I would like a reason, but if you are not satisfied, I sure don’t want you to keep the item!! I will refund your money as soon as I get the item back. I won’t return the shipping cost.

If you have an issue or dispute, please reach out to me first.