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Miss Jenny’s Famous Sock School

I’ve just returned from Sock School. Jenny Deters and I drove to Valdosta, Georgia to teach our first ever remote Sock School. Due to Covid-19 we had to mask the whole time, but I didn’t mind because it was an opportunity to safely be with others of like minded intentions! So, I am going to describe to you what you learn at sock school. Miss Jenny has a curriculum and she is going to make darn sure you get your monies worth. If you are interested in attending sock school, here’s some of what you can expect.

BEGINNER SOCK SCHOOL In the beginning class you will start with making sure you are ergonomically correct and finish with a sampler and a pair of socks that fit. Ergonomics, Hung hem, changing colors Russian join, mock rib needle removal and insertion, tension, wrapped heels, wrapped toes, matching socks, proper size and fit and how to achieve socks that fit, Kitchener from the right side of the fabric, mistake repair, toe up socks, children’s socks, the use of lycra and discussion on sock yarns of various sizes.

ADVANCED SOCK SCHOOL In the advanced class, you make a sampler with all sorts of fancy stitches and a pair of ribbed socks. It starts with ergonomics and ends with socks ribbed down the foot. Here are some of the skills you will learn in advanced sock school. Socks that fit, tension, lace, cables, fair isle, duplicate stitch, flat fabric, beading, Kitchener from the right side, matching yarns, ribbing, wrapped heels and toes, thumb gussets, half pitch and more.

When you attend sock school with MIss Jenny and myself, you will learn so much that you are exhausted at the end of each day. Class runs from 8am to 4pm and with Miss Jenny at the helm, this means you are set up, in your seat and ready to go at 8am. Typically, lunch is served with a discussion of sock related learning. The cost for sock school is $220 per session. This includes lunch, project yarn and a manual. Students provide their own waste yarn, machine and necessary equipment. Miss Jenny will make sure you get more than your monies worth in learning. I am the helper and I get to teach certain topics as well. Since there are two teachers, we can handle up to 8 students per session. In order to enroll in Sock School, you will need to email Jenny Deters at

Our next Sock School will be held at the Deters’ homestead in September in Boonville, Indiana, near Evansville. The dates are: Beginner September 23/24, 2020 and Advanced September 25/26