CSM Table by Jenny & PR Deters


This hand crafted solid oak table is designed especially to hold a circular knitting machine.  It is 30″ high, making it the exact right height to see over the machine without causing back strain.  There are no tools required for assembly, making this table very handy for traveling.  It is also beautiful enough to be a piece of furniture in the living room.  The table is 30″ high, 22″ wide and folds flat to about 6″ thick.  These tables are in limited supply, as each one is crafted by hand.  The table legs are slightly offset to counter balance the machine weight and they are very sturdy, with little to no wobble.  There’s a metal bar underneath the side where the machine goes so the clamp will not dent the bottom of the table and they’ve even thought to put an eye hook discretely underneath for the stem weights.

Those who are using them are absolutely thrilled with its function.  The table comes with a custom shelf to fit between the leg braces for storage of stuff!

Weight:  16 pounds

The website charges $15 for shipping for this item, but it costs me $40 to ship it, so the price on the website is $245. If you come to Cape Girardeau or if I see you at a crank in, the price is $225. Thank you for understanding that this table is primo and it’s not inexpensive to get it to your house via UPS.

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Additional information

Weight 26 oz
Dimensions 36 × 24 × 6 in


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