Half Pitch Hat




You’ll need an equal slot ribber and some patience to get this hat to the finish line! A sock yarn hat is not very warm with one layer. But if you double it, wow! it will really keep your head warm….and you know what they say, you lose all your body heat through your head.

I prefer to use MERINO sock weight yarn. I look for 450 yards or more per 100g. this will slide through the machine like butta….
plus, merino is the least allergenic wool, so you don’t have the itchy scratchy wool up around your head.

IN ORDER TO MAKE THE HAT WORK WITH 144 NEEDLES, YOU WILL NEED TO FIND THE DELICATE BALANCE. I practice. I like to leave my machine at normal sock tension (remember that I knit with my heel spring). I start with my heel spring on until I get to the part where I’m adding in more than 36 ribber needles. I also raise my ribber dial as much as possible without the needles getting stuck under the yarn carrier to make the ribber stitches bigger. Note: I don’t change the pointer tension on the top of the ribber dial. In the end, this hat is worth the practice. Yes, it’s working with 144 needles when we have a hard enough time keeping track of 72 needles, so when it’s a “do over”, you’re going to get frustrated…..look at it as a challenge.


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