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Cotton Socks?? Yes, please.

Cotton Socks?? Yes, please. 1

I am and have been in search of the perfect cotton sock made on the circular knitting machine ever since 2010 when I first learned about circular knitting machines. Back then, I didn’t understand that cotton has ZERO stretch, nor did I understand why I couldn’t use it to make a sock. {I also did not understand the properties of wool and what makes it the original performance fabric} It took me a while, but I found some cotton yarn that was suitable for the machine and I made my socks. Having been warned that there was no stretch, I made them with ribbed feet (I was going to give them the stretch of the ribbing). So, off I went one morning with my brand new cotton socks made on the machine. I had to get them off of my feet by 9am!! They were sopping wet and getting bigger by the second….ok, maybe I am exaggerating, but I really did take them off and throw them in the trash. Fast forward to last year when a friend came to learn on her sock machine and brought me some cotton sock yarn from Regia (the fruity colorways). I have to tell you, I like that yarn. So, I found some CoBaSi cotton sock yarn and bought it. Upon arrival, I knit up a pair of socks, washed them and am wearing them as I type.

Now, let me say that I live in southeast Missouri. Our winters are not cold like they are up north, not even as cold as a winter in St. Louis. So, I feel like if I can find a cooler sock, then I will have a longer sock season. My other problem is that I can no longer wear commercially made socks, so I need a sock that I can wear inside a tennis shoe for the gym and for summer events where I need to wear an enclosed shoe. There’s also a lot of us in the southern states and we need cute SEAMELESS socks too!!

Cotton Socks?? Yes, please. 2
Colorway Funtastic
Cotton Socks?? Yes, please. 3
Colorway the Pansies


50g = 220yds

55%cotton 16% bamboo 8% silk


I made the funtastic pair on the 60 cylinder. Unwashed it was 8.5″. I washed and laid flat to dry it was 8″ I used lycra, but I should not have because of doing the test. The Pansies sock was made on the 54 cylinder.

Cotton Socks?? Yes, please. 4
pre wash
Cotton Socks?? Yes, please. 5
post wash

I have these two colorways in stock on csmsupplies now. I have more colorways on the way.