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All About Lycra

All About Lycra 1
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Our friend Jackie Lee put a fantastic video together with information about Cobweb lycra.

I use lycra in all of my socks. Our friend Roz only uses it for the foot. There’s one lady that only uses it at the cuff. Just like everything else on or about the circular sock knitting machine, there are many ways to go about it. As always, I suggest you give a couple of ways a try and see which one works best for you.

Here is an overview of what we learn in the above video:
Cobweb lycra consists of two strands of very fine lycra, one straight, one kinky. It is knit together with the yarn to make the sock/garmet stretchier so that it molds to the foot. It also helps the sock/garmet to retain its shape from washing to washing.

The lycra should meet the yarn after the yarn brake so as not to get it tangled in the wire or brake system for any given machine.

After the garment is complete, wash or steam. The moisture will cause the kinky strand to straighten and pull the fabric in, it will appear thicker and stretchier than the unwashed item.

You can add extra tension to the lycra to make the knitted item pull in even snugger (is that even a word?).

White, Black and Taupe lycra are available at CSM Supplies. Colored lycra is available in Jackie’s ETSY shop, Search Sockcrankershop (all one word) on ETSY.