About 1Hi!   My name is Jamie Mayfield and circular knitting machines are my passion!  Welcome to  my site and thanks for joining me on this new adventure!  It is my goal to stock everything that one would need if knitting on a circular sock machine.

So this section is “about me”.  That’s a really hard thing to write about.  But I will tell you,  I’m a straight runnin’, overcomin’, saved by grace child of faith on a journey.  I’ve been married to the greatest husband of all time for almost 20 years.  His name is Jeff and we have two wonderfully precious teenage children, Zak and Zoe.  Ok, so that all sounds great and it’s true….but most days I am a stressed out mom trying to get a lot of work done and food on the table along with laundry, chores, errands, and the list goes on….just like all y’all.  My children are smart mouthed teenagers who we are trying to raise to become responsible citizens.  My husband really is the greatest, but some days I would like to kick him in the butt too~

I have 4 equines.  Mo (a clydesdale/gyspy vanner cross), Nortica (an Austrian draft horse), Sierra and Sassy (miniature horses).  They live in my front yard.  The chickens live in the side yard, there are varying numbers of them, but never more than 10.  Most days, you’ll find three lazy cats lounging on my front porch and you’ll never see the shy one that lives inside the house.  There’s also a lizard and varying amounts of fish tanks scattered around.  Right now we have two dogs, Rose (an ancient golden retriever who lives to work) and Lucy (a stray beagle who was dropped off in our pasture about 7 years ago who lives to escape the fence and run her traps…the neighborhood cat bowls).  My son Zak is an artist and works at a local antique/vintage/junk store.  My daughter Zoe plays tennis and socializes.  She works at a fast pizza joint.  My husband Jeff has a mail order hunting and shooting supply business and about 150 bee hives.  We sell local honey all around Cape Girardeau, Missouri, our home town.

If you know anything about me, you’ll know that life handed me a bowl of lemons in May of 2019.  I took one metaphoric look at that bowl and decided to make lemonade.   My passion is circular knitting machines.  I never even knew they existed until my stepfather came in one day and said, “Girls, we’re going to make a machine that when you turn the crank it spits out a sock.”  We did make that machine and I took to it like a duck takes to water.  I had many many teachers along the way to whom I am forever grateful.  I knew nothing about knitting, wool, fibers.  They taught me so much about the art of knitting.  It is my goal to be as generous with my knowledge as they and teach users of circular knitting machines the art of knitting on them.   I am giving lessons at my home or I will travel to crank-ins around the country  to teach the use of circular knitting machines.  I also do video lessons.  I have a weekly internet show called socktv.tv  it’s free to watch live, but you can buy a subscription for $10 a month and have access to 150 different tutorials on the circular knitting machine.   I have an active Ravelry group,  called Jamie’s School of Hard Socks.  I don’t have any facebook pages, but I do frequent some of the sock knitting pages there.