2024 Total Solar Eclipse Crank-in 1

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Crank-in

April 4-8, 2024

Cape Girardeau, Missouri hosted by the Tru-Knit Crew

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Crank-in 2

this was in 2017, it got dark in the middle of the day! streetlights came on and bugs went to crazy!

April 4 arrival will be at 3pm. Due to the fact that the hotel rooms are so expensive ($189), I recommend driving to somewhere close to Cape Girardeau and spending the night on April 3rd. No need to come a day early. St. Louis is 2 hours north; Nashville, TN is 3.5 hours east; Memphis, TN is 3 hours south; Springfield, MO is 4 hours west.

April 5-7 will be open cranking from 8a to 8p. We will have fun solar activities, games and challenges. It’s ok to arrive these days, but your cost of the crank-in will not change. Closer to time we can decide if we need classes, but there will be experts present to help you with sock machine related things. This event is open and friendly to all machine types and brands.

April 8 is the big event. Totality happens around 2pm, but the time leading up to it is pretty fun to experience. You will need to bring lawn chairs or a blanket in order to spend this time outside. I am working out how we can have a BBQ lunch together on this day so that we can stay right where we are and enjoy the spectacular show. I have certified glasses for everyone in my possession as of right now (December 1, 2023) so there’s no need to worry that we won’t have the proper viewing protection. Cape Girardeau will be crawling with people that day, so I want to make it as easy as possible. Hotels are still expensive on the 8th, so I am hoping that everyone will head away from Cape G after the hoopla is over. I recommend getting a reservation NOW for the 8th, because you won’t be the only ones exiting our fair city upon conclusion. If at all possible, and you happen to drive in the direction of Monticello, Illinois, I can give you the number for our favorite Best Western where our friend Menesha will be happy to accept your reservation!!!

Tickets for this event are on sale at CSM Supplies in the Crankers Merchandise section. I have listed 40 tickets for sale. You can only purchase 1 ticket. Your plus ones can pay their crank in cost at the door. It will be $25 for the plus ones. This is a not for profit event, monies will be used to pay the venue rent.

HOTEL INFORMATION : Cape G has a new Fairfiield Inn being built even as I type. We have a protected block of 20 rooms. 10 King and 10 double queen. the rate is $189/night and that’s the cheapest rate in town. Last time, the hotels were unaware that an eclipse was such a big deal so they decided to really make up for it this time around, as we will not experience another eclipse like this in our lifetimes. So we are limited only by the number of rooms we have…there is space for all kinds of crankers, but the hotel situation is the holdback at this point. All rooms in this town are booked for Saturday, Sunday and Monday. (Even the airbnb and VRBOs and campgrounds are over priced and booked.) Purchase your ticket and I will manually send you the hotel info. (it’s not automatic, I check my orders every morning and every day at noon so it would be those times that I would send you the info.)

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Crank-in 3

Eclipse T-Shirts will be available on CSM Supplies!

2024 Total Solar Eclipse Crank-in 4

in 2017, the beginning of the eclipse and we thought it was cool then….little did we know….